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Strength Tonic - Natural Herbal Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting Supplement

Are you looking for a bodybuilding supplement that doesn't come with scary side effects?

You take care of your body. Your health is important to you. So why would you take harmful chemicals in hopes that it will increase your health?

Strength Tonic is 100% natural.

We have developed an alternative to synthetic steroids for bodybuilders and an alternative to synthetic estrogen for women!

Our unique blend of natural endocrine enhancers is based on traditional herbal recipes.

Imported from islands in the Caribbean, Strength Tonic, along with proper exercise and diet, can dramatically increase muscle mass. Strength Tonic makes your body increase production of its own hormones, allowing a safe and natural increase in lean muscle mass.*

Strength Tonic also increases libido and can be used as a natural aphrodisiac.

The people of the Dominican Republic have been using these roots as aphrodisiacs for centuries. What better side effect of a health supplement than a healthy libido?

For more information about endocrine enhancers and the properties of the herbs in this tincture, please read our FAQ.

Strength Tonic is easy to use. There are no complicated schedules or multiple pills.

Instructions: Take one-half dropper full 2 times per day, preferably in the morning and before exercise. Do not take after 6 pm. For best results use with consistent exercise and an increase in protein and calcium supplements in the diet.

Contains: Bejuco de Indio (Gouania polygama), Bejuco de Cotilla (Paullinia pinnata), Timacle (Chiococca alba), Batata de Bejuco de Chin (Smilax species = Sarsasparilla), Nyame = true yam (Dioscorea, species), Genjiberes Amargo = Bitter Ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), Canella = Cinnamon, Osua and Canelila leaves for flavour. Tinctured in a base of pure Dominican rum, "Carta Dorada" by Brugal, from locally grown sugar cane molasses. Please read our Endocrine Enhancers FAQ for specific actions of each ingredient.

It's even organic. And proceeds help the native people of the Dominican Republic get their land back.

Active Ingredients are wild crafted in the Dominican Republic. Proceeds benefit the remaining Taino Indians living a traditional lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. Research and development by Mama D.O.C. Inc. Non-profit for Natural Health.

Help the Taino Indians. Help yourself.

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2 oz dropper bottle (approx. 1 month supply)

Osiris formula - for men


Isis formula - for women


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