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Our natural herbal weight lifting supplements and safety

Q: Is Strength Tonic safe? What are the side effects? Is it safe for teenagers?

My son took this for three months when he was 16. He worked out three times a week for an hour with weights. He ate about twice the meat that he used to. He gained 25 pounds of muscle in those three months. We know it was muscle because he used a fat percent scale and his percent of fat went down to compensate as his weight went up.

He had no side effects except he commented that when he DIDN'T work out he would start to feel "horny".

I've taken the formula for several years, with two weeks off every three months as is always recommended for any herbal. I'm 57 and can still dance longer than anyone on the floor, including professional belly dancers. I've have blood work done during this time which has shown no adverse effects on my liver, which is the organ that clears all "toxins" from the blood, so I feel safe in continuing my regime.

In the Dominican Republic, which is where the herbs are wildcrafted, people, and especially men, drink daily amounts equal to an entire 2 oz bottle! everyday for most of their post pubertal life, and (if they don't die from accidents) live very healthy and exceptionally long lives.

I recommend taking just a few drops a day for three days to be sure you don't have some unusual allergic reaction (which we've never heard of, but who knows, everyone is unique). Then, a typical dose is 60 drops or one dropperful per day, usually best a half hour before a workout.

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