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Rejuvenation Cream - Natural Topical Herbal Cream for Better Skin and Pain Relief

A unique formula based on native tradition.
Our Rejuvenation Cream is a topical herbal treatment for skin rejuvenation, joint pain, range of motion and increase in bone density.*

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The same herbal ingredients as our tincture "Strength Tonic", but in a base of organic vegetable oil and beeswax to make a soft cream for topical application. This is especially effective when massaged into painful joints. It can also be used as a face cream to rejuvenate thinning, wrinkling skin.

Recent studies in Israel show startling increases in bone density (reversal of osteoporosis) with topical use of these type of endocrine enhancing roots, especially the Dioscorea true yams, massaged in daily.

I have found this cream to be a marvelous skin rejuvenator, used three or four times a day on the face, neck and hands. I and others have used it as a topical application on painful joints, with improvement to both pain and motion in just a few days. Has been used effectively to relieve carpel tunnel, shin splints, arthritis, wrist ganglia, muscle cramps, neck and back pain, and to improve joint flexibility and strength. Lightly fragranced with pure Dominican rose oil or Carnation-clove for a spicy musk scent.

Contains extract of Bejuco de Indio (Gouania polygama), Bejuco de Cotilla (Paulinia pinnata), Timacle (Chiococca alba), Batata de Bejuco de Chin = Sarsasparilla (Smilax species), Nyame = true yam (Dioscorea species), Genjiberes Amargo = Bitter Ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), in a base of organic canola oil and beeswax, with Dominican Rose essence for fragrance. Active Ingredients are wild crafted in the Dominican Republic. Proceeds benefit the remaining Taino Indians living a traditional lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. Research and development by Mama D.O.C. Inc. Non-profit for Natural Health.

Our herbal products were developed from roots that the natives of the Dominican Republic have been using for centuries to live long, healthy lives. For more information on the history of these herbs and how we found and developed them, read Our Story.

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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