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Flex Cream - Herbal Remedy for Joints and Ligaments

Flex Cream is Timacle in a base of organic vegetable oil and beeswax to make a soft cream for topical application.

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Timacle is a wild root that grows abundantly in the Dominican Republic. Its extraordinary effect is to render ligaments instantly more stretchy. Joints become more flexible. It has potential to give relief in cases of carpel tunnel, shin splints, arthritis and other joint-ligament-connective tissue problems. It is a great aid to any sport that requires flexibility, such as yoga or dance. Only a very little is needed, and the effect on ligaments lasts several days. It also enhances the mental processes without caffeine, and it is a mild diuretic.

Lightly fragranced with pure Dominican rose oil or Carnation-clove for a spicy musk scent.

Contains: 100% Pure Timacle (Chiococca alba).

We also sell Yoga Stretch - Timacle in tincture form.

Timacle is wild crafted in the Dominican Republic. Proceeds benefit the remaining Taino Indians living a traditional lifestyle in the Dominican Republic. Research and development by Mama D.O.C. Inc. Non-profit for Natural Health.

Our herbal products were developed from roots that the natives of the Dominican Republic have been using for centuries to live long, healthy lives. For more information on the history of these herbs and how we found and developed them, read Our Story.

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