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Frequently Asked Questions about our Endocrine Enhancing Bodybuilding Supplements

Endocrine enhancers
We live in a time when the life span of the average person has been extended to almost twice that which was common in times before. Yet the quality of life is not always the best. What value a long life without a well functioning body? On the semi tropical Caribbean island of Hispaniola - Quesqueya in the native language - some endocrine-enhancing herbs have recently been discovered. Their value for rejuvenating quality of life is exceptional.

Q: What are endocrines?
The endocrine or ductless glands of the body are responsible for all our hormones. These glands make and release hormones, which are very powerful, complex organic molecules. Hormones govern every system of the body. Growth hormones stimulate the body to grow. They are especially strong during the adolescence growth spurt, and they continue to function to keep the body strong, and to promote muscle growth. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolic rate, which relates to energy level, appetite and weight control. The sex hormones govern fertility, and also play their part for energy level, vitality, and, in the case of testosterone especially, promote muscle growth.

Q: What is an endocrine enhancer?
Any food, herb or chemical that affects the endocrine glands positively. There are two main mechanisms. The first is to increase the health and function of the gland as a whole. The second is to provide a specific gland with a chemical precursor of the hormone it wants to make. This reduces effort, because instead of having to build a large and complex chemical from scratch, the gland only has to add a few radicals or change a few bonds to produce the needed hormone.

Q: How does an endocrine enhancer differ from a glandular?
A glandular is an extract of the actual gland itself. Of course, these are going to be animal glands, not human, so there is a difference in the actual hormone supplied. Thus a glandular acts along the second path described above. It provides building blocks for the gland in question. Glandulars do not act along the first path, for there is nothing about them that increases the health and function of the gland as a whole. In fact some argue that supplying ready made hormones decreases the functioning of the body's own endocrine system.

Q: How does an endocrine enhancer differ from a synthetic supplement?
Synthetic supplements such as testosterone are chemically constructed in laboratories. They are very concentrated, very specific and very powerful even in small doses. They are one chemical, and one chemical only, so do not deliver a range, such as a natural herbal source does, of many precursors that the body can then choose to use for this needed hormone or that. Testosterone is only testosterone. There is no possibility for the balance of other sex hormones which normally exist in the body. Taking pure testosterone is like driving a nail in with a sledgehammer: eventually you will destroy the whole project. Bodies are not meant to be overloaded this way, and many serious side effects do result.

Q: What are the "Bejucos"?
"Bejuco" is a pre-Columbian word. It designates any of a myriad of large roots that throw up long vines into the jungle. In the Dominican Republic there are hundreds of different "Bejucos". Every one has a different use in the traditional native medicine. Most are known to "augment the hormones" and "increase potency".(1) Some are specific to women, some specific to men, some generic. Each has its own unique effect or effects. Many are traditionally used in combinations that supplement each other for a desired result.

The most commonly used Bejucos are tinctured in local rum; this constitutes the "National Drink" of the Dominican Republic. There, a combination now called "Mama Juana" is drunk by the shot glass, three being a usual dose, for its aphrodisiac effect. There are no known side effects from this high dosing, other than a loving culture and lots of babies.

Q: How can these Bejucos be used as a tonic?
We have formulated a proprietary blend of Bejucos and other traditional herbs to create a tincture that can be taken in small daily doses as a tonic. The recommended dose and usage is ½ dropper-full, twice a day. This can be put directly in the mouth, or mixed with a ¼ cup of water or juice. The taste of the tincture is very earthy and woody, so diluting it can make it more palatable. It can be taken with or without meals, as convenient.

Q: What are the specific Bejucos in Strength Tonic, and what are their specific actions?

Bejuco de Indio, Gouania polygama. Considered by Arvigo (2) to be "a superior remedy for male impotency". Used alone, it energizes the entire lower body. From the waist down, nerve sensation is enhanced. A large dose gives sensations of vibration in the legs. It imparts a strong "sexy" odor to sweat and body secretions, enhancing the attractive pheromones.

Bejuco de Costilla, Paullinia pinnata L. A woody vine, it is the bark of the stem that is collected. Like Bejuco de Indio it energizes the lower body; like Timacle, it contributes to greater flexibility. It also imparts a sense of heat to the body, which can be quite remarkable for some people, tho barely a noticeable effect for others.

Batata de Bejuco de Chin, Smilax sp. The root is the "batata" = potato. This is sarsasparilla, well known as an endocrine enhancer and mild sexual stimulant. There are several species, all seem to be active.(3) One Smilax or another is found in almost all current male enhancement combinations, and in female breast enhancement creams.

Timacle, Chiococca alba. Indigenous and possibly endemic to Hispaniola (4). An amazingly hardy vine with huge gnarly roots. Its main action is on the ligaments, making them instantly more flexible. This effect lasts for several days. A mild diuretic and anesthetic. It also has a remarkable energizing effect on the mind, promoting clear thinking. Timacle is an indigenous word, originally meaning 'brave' or 'big, handsome hunk of a guy'.

Bitter Ginger, Jengibre Amargo, Zinbiger zerumbet. A member of the ginger family, the root looks almost identical to regular hot and spicy ginger. It is a little more yellow in the flesh and darker in the bark. The taste has overtones of regular ginger, but is less hot and instead is strongly bitter. It is used as a heart tonic, improving circulation. It is also used to improve digestion and ward off internal parasites. It has potential as an effective arthritis remedy, reducing pain and swelling and increasing strength and range of motion. It is being investigated as a topical treatment to the scalp, to encourage stronger hair growth.

Q: I don't like to take alcohol; is there another form for using this herbal combination?
We also make a topical cream using these same endocrine enhancers. Instead of being extracted in alcohol, they are extracted in pure vegetable oil, mixed with enough pure beeswax to make a soft cream. This is especially effective when massaged into painful joints. It can be used as a face cream to rejuvenate thinning, wrinkling skin.

Topical use of herbs actually has an advantage over oral use: When the ingredients are absorbed through the skin they go directly into the bloodstream, by-passing the stomach. Thus they are not subject to breakdown by stomach acids, and can be used directly by the body. Recent studies in Israel show that endocrine enhancers absorbed this way are remarkably effective at rebuilding bone mass in osteoporitic women.

Q: How would I use this combination for body building?
Body builders are competitive and always looking for the supplement to give them an boost in lean muscle development. Many turn to synthetic steroids, ignoring the sure and dangerous side effects. The Bejucos of Quesqueya offer a safe and effective alternative. Anecdotal results of 25 pounds lean muscle mass in three months have been reported. For bodybuilding, use must be combined with a vigorous exercise regime and high protein diet.

Q: What other benefits can I expect from this combination?
General well being; greater function, especially of joints; efficient muscle building; heightened libido; stronger bones, skin and hair; improvement in vascular and heart function.

As mentioned above, taken in larger doses this is a true aphrodisiac.

Q: This is a traditional medicine in the native culture of Hispanola. Will the native healers who shared their knowledge receive fair recompense?
An equal share of the income (at least 50%) generated by sales of these bejucos goes directly to the native community. This is crucial, for at this very moment the government of the Dominican Republic is planning to sell this community's land, evict them and completely destroy this last remnant of pre-Columbian culture. It is our hope that through sharing their traditional ways and these miraculous roots as medicines for the modern world, this remnant people can maintain and eventually flourish again. They have much to teach us of their ways to live happily, love abundantly and enjoy this precious human life.

By Cheryl Kolander. For more information on the natives of Dominican Republic and their struggle for land rights, visit Mama D.O.C., non-profit for natural health.

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