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Natural and Safe Bodybuilding and Herbal Health Supplements made from rare Caribbean herbs Mamajuana and Mabi.

Are you looking for health supplements without scary side effects?

You take care of your body. Your health is important to you. So why would you take harmful chemicals in hopes that it will increase your health?

Our products are 100% natural.

Our health products are made from extracts harvested in the tropics from native plants. Our herbal products were developed from roots that the natives of the Dominican Republic have been using for centuries to live long, healthy lives.

Our Products

  • Strength Tonic, along with proper exercise and diet, can dramatically increase muscle mass and is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Yoga Stretch is pure Timacle tincture that renders ligaments and joints immediately more stretchy and flexible.
  • Flex Cream is Timacle in a base of organic vegetable oil and beeswax to make a soft cream for topical application.
  • Rejevunation Cream, is a topical herbal treatment for skin rejuvenation, joint pain, range of motion and increase in bone density.
  • MABI Mix is a blend of raw mixed herbs native to the Dominican Republic. Use it to make your own Mamajuana or a healthful, aphrodisiac tea.

Our Company
"Natural Safe Hormones" is a specialty site run by Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silk. Cheryl is also the director of the non-profit "Mama D.O.C." Inc., which works with a group of natives in the Dominican Republic to establish fair economic development practices and land rights. These products are a result of those efforts.

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